Hart Design & Construction


We pride ourselves on using elegant and authentic materials and techniques, both contemporary and traditional. All our work is carried out with a sustainable, environmentally conscious approach in mind.


Hart is an expert team of builders and craftsmen with a passion for buildings of character, constructed to the highest standards of design, materials and finish. We are equally happy working with precision glass and steel as we are with centuries-old oak and stone. What matters is the craft and attention we bring to each project. 

We believe in things made well. Using skills honed while working on heritage projects across the South West of England, we deliver an unusual balance of traditional craftsmanship and modern building expertise. With a keen eye for detail, the Hart team take inspiration from innovative construction design and its use in sensitive environments. 

Every project inevitably throws up new and interesting challenges. We pride ourselves on our ability to generate creative and sustainable solutions, always founded on a deep understanding of how buildings of different eras work. 

Through partnerships developed with a number of local architectural firms, Hart is able to offer a comprehensive design and build service. 

We are very proud of the quality our work. And we genuinely enjoy what we do. 


Hart covers all aspects of construction involved in larger, whole building projects of between £200,000 and £2 million. We enjoy being pushed by challenging building objectives.

With a history of restoring and extending old properties and a detailed understanding of traditional and modern building methods, we are confident we can bring your vision to life. Domestic or commercial, restoration or new build.


Increasingly our services are sought on commercial projects such as restaurants, hotels and church restorations. Typically commercial construction work is carried out by large firms in a hurry, and quality is often lacking. In contrast Hart brings an attention to detail and a trusted, expert team. 

Our background in domestic work means we understand our clients’ personal investment in their project. We realise the importance of outstanding quality, particularly in high end service industries. And we are very used to working within the tight time constraints required of commercial projects. 


Additionally to competitive tender returns we can provide a complete design and build package, working with architects whom we know well and have collaborated with for years. Our own expertise includes interior design and lighting design, alongside construction and restoration design support.

We are committed to incorporating greener design into new building projects and are keen to work with new partners that share this approach.



Knowledgable, professional, met every deadline and gave 100% to the project
— Client


The Hart team take a thoughtful approach to our work, bearing in mind our impact on our clients, the local community, and the wider environment. 

We believe in sustainable, low impact buildings. Natural, breathable and recyclable materials are our preference wherever possible – wood, lime, glass – as well as high levels of insulation to minimise heating costs and environmental impact. We source materials locally too if we can, including timber from local forests, and use local small businesses and craftsmen as specialist subcontractors.

Hart sites operate a low-waste, reduced paper policy. We work from tablets to minimise environmental impact and to keep track of every detail when recording and implementing ongoing design changes. We take as much pride in the tidiness of our site and our appearance as we do in our finished buildings. 

Our waste management plan minimises the amount of waste we send to landfill and reduces our carbon footprint, achieving 100% recycling of all hardcore and aggregate waste and 85% recycling of all other builder’s waste. We also do whatever we can to minimise pollution – be it noise, air, light or vibration.

This comprehensive approach not only protects the natural world, it also makes for a better building.



Hart is a close-knit operation centred around three members of the family who run the business. We’ve been trading since 2005, constantly expanding the scope of our work. 

We usually work in two or three teams, each handling separate projects. These tight, focused teams give a continuity of work and attention that leads to comprehensive, high quality results. 

Initially Hart focused on heritage building restoration projects. This offered an intensive grounding in construction techniques from different eras, and it trained us to pay close attention. When you’re restoring someone’s home, they care about every little detail. Today our work includes large scale developments, both domestic and commercial.

Every individual in the Hart team takes pride in their work and has a passion for doing things well. If something isn’t right, we’ll deal with it. Period. It’s this kind of attitude that helps us finish projects with happy clients. And with work that can be proud of.